There are a lot of advantages to being a member of STORM. We have summarized the most important advantages for you below. You can become a member of STORM by filling in this form, or during desk duty, which occurs each day at 12.45 till 13.30 in our boardroom WN-T0.28.

What does membership cost?

Joining STORM as a bachelor student costs €15. Master students can join for free!

You pay this once at the start of your membership. Every year we send out an email to confirm you still want to be a member. You are no longer a member once you've finished studying at VU Amsterdam.

As a member of STORM:

  • You are given the opportunity to receive the Eye of the STORM, our magazine, at home.
  • You can sign up for the monthly mailing, which keeps our members informed of all activities organised by STORM. It is also possible to sign up for the company mailing, which features offers from several companies concerning internship and part-time jobs.
  • You get discounts on many of our activities, plus access to the members-only activities which occur ever so often.
  • You can have a food&drinks account, which allows them to purchase snacks, coffee and other drinks all day round in the common room of STORM.

Sign up:

You can find the form on our webshop. Please fill it in, and don't forget to pay if you are a bachelor student.