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May 2022

Sunday 1 May '22, 11:00

Welcome to May!


Lecture free week

The first week of May is a lecture free week, this is why there will be no desk duties, as well as adjusted opening times for the StoKa:

  • Mon 2:10:00-19:00
  • Tue 3: 10:00-19:00
  • Wed 4: 10:00-22:00
  • Thu 5: Closed
  • Fri 6: 10:00-19:00

Constitution Borrel

On the 20th of May, the Board of STORM will have their constitution borrel, thus the StoKa will be closed for the entire day!

The IntroduxCie is looking for more mentors!!!

Are you interested in helping out in the next intro-week by taking care of some kids? If you are interested please sign up here

VU IT is looking for employees

Are you interested in working in IT? VU IT is looking for new employees in a lot of different areas, both for students and graduates!

Smoking and drinking at the VU

Please keep in mind that the VU is a smoking-free campus, so when you want to smoke (for example, during a borrel), please do not do this on the VU campus. Also, please keep in mind the 'No glass and beer beyond this point' signs.

Events For May 2022

BorrelCie - Borrel

A classic STORM borrel! Take a break from studying and work to join us for a drink and chat with all of your friends.

  • Date: 4th of May
  • Location: StoKa
  • Time: 17:00-20:45

AC - Padel tournament

Join us on the 10th of May for playing padel for 90 minutes then a drink afterwards! The first drink is included in the ticket price. We'll meet at the StoKa at 17:25 and leave at 17:30. There are limited spots available, so be quick!

  • From: 10th of May
  • Time: 18:00
  • Location: Location: Naritaweg 4b, 1043 CP Amsterdam (station Sloterdijk)
  • Tickets available at:


We are excited to announce and invite you and your team to take part in AAPJE 2022! AAPJE is the “junior” edition of the Amsterdam Algorithm Programming Preliminaries. You and your team will battle against others by finding the best solutions to a set of given problems.

Study association STORM will be hosting AAPJE. This event is aimed at first-year students who wish to practice for the preliminaries, which serve as a qualification for the Benelux contest, the European contest, and the World Championships! Because of this, only first-year student teams will qualify for the prizes. However, other year groups can join for fun!

If you are interested, form a team of 3 or less with your friends by filling up this form.

Note: The organization will be providing free food, snacks and drinks during the competition! Please feel free to contact if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you!

  • From: 11th of May
  • Time: 18:30-21:30
  • Location: Transitorium


Everyone get your most beautiful dress or suit out of the closet for the gala 💃🏻. This year's theme is 'Hollywood: celebrity for a night' ✨! We will all turn lil Amsterdam upside down and ensure an evening that no one will forget (or just 😉)

  • Date: 12th of May
  • Time: 22:00-04:00
  • Doors close at: 23:00
  • Location: Lil Amsterdam Centraal
  • Tickets available at: Note that you have to retrieve the physical ticket during office hours in the StuKa (WN-T0.28).

Inhouse day

Join us for the Deloitte & Salesforce In-house day!

  • Date: 13th of May
  • Time: 09:00-15:00
  • Location: Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970, 1081 LA Sign up here: form

Late Christmas dinner

A bit later than usual, but finally the Christmas Dinner left over from 2021 is here! So please join us on the 16th of May for a heartwarming dinner prepared by our very own Cooking committee, with some lovely dessert prepared by our Tea committee and of course some drinks provided by the Borrel committee. The dinner is from 17:00 till 21:00 in the Tuinzaal with a borrel in the Stoka afterwards. Dust off your fancy Christmas outfits because this is a Black Tie event!

  • Date: 16th of May
  • Time: 17:00-01:00
  • Location: Tuinzaal and StoKa
  • Tickets available at:

BorrelCie - Mexican Borrel

Hola! Come join us for a mexican themed borrel. Enjoy yourself some tequilla, corona or desperados. And show your moves when dancing to some reggaeton. Don’t forget your sombrero!

  • Date: 18th of May
  • Time: 17:00 - 21:45
  • Location: StoKa

T-Cie - International Tea day

Come take a break from studying with us on the 24th of May to enjoy some lovely tea and snacks from all over the world to celebrate international tea day. No ticket required, you can just stop by and tea and snacks will be provided!

  • Date: 18th of May
  • Time: 17:00 - 21:45
  • Location: StoKa

AC - Werewolves game night

Come join us for a game night! This time we'll play werewolves, are you sneaky enough to stay hidden?

  • Date: 25th of May
  • Time: 17:00 - 21:45
  • Location: StoKa